19-22 February 2018
Friendship International Hotel, Addis Ababa
Africa/Addis_Ababa timezone


The National Academic Digital Repository of Ethiopia (NADRE) intends to provide researchers, lecturers, students and stakeholders from outside of the academic world access to research works published by Ethiopian universities and research institutions. All public and private universities as well as research institutions will contribute to the NADRE and will provide citizens access to it.

The objective of the NADRE is threefold:

  1. To increase the access of academics and citizens in Ethiopia and worldwide to research works published by Ethiopian researchers at one of the Ethiopian universities or research institutions,
  2. To foster the dissemination of research outcomes and make them, as well as their authors, more visible inside and outside the country, and
  3. To spread completed research to other corners of the country in order to allow other researchers to build on it. For the time being, the NADRE will mainly include Master theses, dissertations, journals, articles, conference proceedings as well as all works published by researchers from Ethiopian universities and research institutions as well as from Ethiopian researchers living abroad. All artefacts will be published under Creative Commons licenses and will be tagged with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).

In order to complement and feed the NADRE each Ethiopian university is encouraged to build its own repository and to provide the Ethiopian Research and Education Network (EthERNet) access to that specific university repository in order to harvest and amalgamate publications from these repositories to a compiled National Academic Digital Repository of Ethiopia (NADRE). Those universities that are not currently able to establish their own repository will get support from EthERNet to deploy their own Academic Digital Repository (ADR). However, each university will be responsible for the curation of contents stored its own ADR.

The main stakeholders in the implementation of the NADRE are Ethiopian universities and research institutions, EthERNet and the Education Strategy Center (ESC), which also share their responsibilities to make the NADRE happen.


It is the overall objective of this event to introduce the key players (Vice-Presidents, Deans of the Faculty of Sciences, Librarians and (Library) ICT staff) to the theoretical and practical background of university repositories and the NADRE. The specific objective of this venue is to learn about their training needs that specific workshops at university level can be facilitated in order to implement NADRE as a sound construct in the Ethiopian academic and research environment.

The Kick-off Meeting is structured in

  1. A pre-conference workshop, where librarians and (librarian) ICT staff will get hands-on experience in introducing DOIs and the use of ORCID.
  2. The Conference. as a platform where experiences and perspectives on national and university repositories from different countries will be shared with NADRE key players.
  3. A post-conference workshop, where librarians and (librarian) ICT staff will get first insights how to work with repositories.


Experts from Italy, Ireland, Austria, South Africa and Ethiopia are invited as speakers in the conference and as moderators in the workshop on Feb. 21, 2018. The State Minister for Higher Education will be invited to open the Conference with a key note speech.

Targeted participants

This event is addressed to university personnel in charge for repositories, curate repositories, assist researchers to work with repositories etc. Precisely, the focus is on the Vice-Presidents of Academic Affairs, Deans of Faculty of Sciences, Librarians and university library ICT staff are invited to participate in this Conference.

The pre-Conference Workshop (Feb. 19) and the post-Conference Workshop (Feb. 22) are technical workshops for Librarians and University Library ICT staff.

As a starting point the focus on repositories will be brought to science faculties. Other faculties will follow later on.

The number of participants is expected to amount to 44 Vice-Presidents from all Ethiopian public universities, 44 Deans of Sciences, 44 Librarians and 44 University Library ICT staff.

Friendship International Hotel, Addis Ababa
Bole, Addis Ababa
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